Things need to know while selecting Embroidery service providers

Many manufacturers need the right embroidery digitizers, who not only gives the solution for embroidery needs but who also saves the time and money. As this is the ongoing process and will need the right digitizing team that you can rely on him for longer period of time. Hence, it makes crucial to find best person suitable to your need.

Digitizing agency must know what is important to customer and how to deliver the best customised embroidery solutions. If you are looking for a perfect professional for Digitizing then following tips will certainly assist you in selection of best digitizing company:

  • Check software and formats: Before processing the logo, you would need to check which formats are best suitable for your embroidery machine. Based on the requirement you need to check with embroidery service provider on the formats. Whether you are going to hire a freelancer, an in-house digitizer or an outsourcing agency, the core objective that you need to check is that what software they are using for digitizing logos. Pulse and Wilcom are the major software used by most of the companies. Most of the time .dst and .emb formats are widely used by the professional machines like BROTHER, TAJIMA, ELTAC. Some machines like BABYLOCK, BROTHER, BERNINA need .PES and .PEC formats. Find out what will suit your requirements.
  • Test the work: Prior submitting large orders it is always preferable to send few test orders at initial stage. Where you can check the quality for small lettering or 3D puffy designs or shading, as not all are good in it. Since these types of works demand quality skills and a lot of experience, it is advisable to test the efficiency of your shortlisted service provider with a sample job before assigning a bulk project.
  • No compromise on quality: While selecting the digitizer there should not be any negotiation regarding quality of the work. If you compromise the quality, you are risking your long lasting relationship with your existing customers. Do not forget that your main purpose to outsource your embroidery work is to get best possible quality work on your logos.This is why it is one of the most important factors that you need to consider:
    • Check if your digitizer knows about the production and how the design run on the machine.
    • Different setting are required for different fabric, check with the digitizer if he knows it very well.
    • Check the work that the embroidery digitizers, with whom you are going to work, have done earlier and analyse if they can handle your job well.
    • Most importantly, every business has different requirements so check with digitizer if they can provide you with customised solution.
  • Check out the rates: For many, price is the main factor for selection of embroidery digitizing service provider. Sometimes many select lower pricing before quality. Though the main purpose of outsourcing embroidery logos is to save some money to invest in other core business stuff. Keeping low rate as the main aspect, won’t always help as sometimes it may result into cheap price-cheap quality work which in fact make us to lose the customers. Before you select a particular agency, make sure you check out the rates quoted by other embroidery digitizing service providers. Though price is one of the essential factor while deciding the agency it should not compromise on quality.
  • Check the client’s sample work: Before signing the deal, you should also check the quality of the work by asking for the sample of work done for other various clients. Checking their samples with both pdf and embroidery format can give you an idea about how efficient and reliable the Embroidery agency is.
  • Check for editing time: Even if you go for the best digitizer, no one is 100% perfect. If everything goes smoothly, very well! But, sometimes in some conditions you will need minor changes in size, colours or any other editing will be required. Most of the time, this is the situation where you are into the production and the logo is running on your machine where you need someone who can quickly make the changes so that your production will go uninterrupted. Your digitizer must be able to fix your problem very fast so that you won’t lose production time.
  • Preparations from your side: Always provide high resolution and clear image to receive the quality work on embroidery logo. If possible state the type of fabric you will embroider the design on. Also, always mention the sizes to avoid further editing regarding sizes.

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