Importance of vector artwork in promotional product industry

  • What is the importance of vector artwork in promotional industry?
    Promotional product industry needs various high-res logos to get print on multiple products. These products are T-shirts, Cap, Hat, pen, Mugs, Stationary etc… Vector artwork provides clean and clear logos for the high-quality results.In order to produce these logos clear and high resolution, they need vector artwork services. Raster images cannot be used directly on any products because of its own limitations. Converting the images into vector art is the only way to converting artwork into high-resolution artwork.
  • What is vector logo?
    Vector file compromised of curves, lines and different shapes which are saved in outlines. These are scalable and editable artwork. It provide boundless freedom to artist to work with size, colors and various types of changes in the logo.

    If we scale raster logo, it looks rough and pixelated. Vector graphics are sharp and smooth at the edges, no matter how they are sized. Because of it’s sharpness quality,  nowadays every printer needs vector artwork for the production.

    AI, EPS,SVG, CDR these are the prime formats of vector graphics. But if the files are saved in these formats doesn’t mean they are vector art or created as vector. They can be raster if converted just as it is. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw are the specialized programs used for creating vector artworks.

    The most commonly mistake people try to do it to use jpeg, gif or png format for printing process and end up with mess! So it is always advisable to convert the logo into vector art format using these specially design software. Creating a vector art with any of these software give ample opportunities to display its best quality. And you get the final output of crisp, clear and readable image on the product. And it’s make your promotional product looks more appealing.

  • Can I Just Save My File as Adobe Illustrator (.AI) format and send it to printer?
    Honestly, “No”. As I mentioned earlier, there is no short cut to this by simply saving the file with .ai or .pdf or .cdr extension. In order to vectorise the image, you have to create the logo/ image from scratch.
  • How do I get my logo converted into vector artwork?
     You have 2 ways to do it.

    1.  Purchase the CorelDraw software, Adobe Illustrator. Learn the art of creating vector artwork by some professionals. Then start trying the skill on your logo.
    2. Hire a professional team of artist. Send them logo, get estimate and get the final logo after your approval within one day.

99% promotional manufacturers send their logos to dedicated agencies to convert their logos into vector artwork which not only saves time and money but give excellent and hassle free output.

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