Embroidery Digitizing is the process of converting images into stitch base embroidery files with the help of special software which can be sew on various garments through the embroidery machine. To make your embroidery logo noticeable, it is very important to find a best suitable embroidery digitizing service provider who can understand your requirement. Specially, when your embroidery logo is representing your organisation, it is extremely essential that your company logo should look remarkably fabulous.

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We have won over 9 digitizing awards, and will do an magnificent job for you, GUARANTEED! Vectors Artwork has been efficiently providing the best vector conversion and embroidery digitizing service on various platforms.


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3D Embroidery Digitizing

3D Embroidery also known as Puff foam embroidery is normally seen on baseball hats, sport caps. It is use to give depth and height to a logo or a particular area of the logo especially font.

Applique Embroidery Digitizing

Applique embroidery digitizing is mostly use for big logos which are used for sports uniform. It is a cost effective style of embroidery where the design is created with less stitches.

If you are searching for best quality embroidery digitizing service provider then we can assist you to make your logo incredibly noticeable.

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I had an urgent need for embroidery. He completed my order in a faster time than I needed. Good work, fast turnaround, and very affordable.

You guys are the best! Keep up the great work! You have a really fast delivery. Highly recommend these guys for vector art work.

These guys know what they are doing. Great attention to detail, Extremely Friendly service, and an agency with the passion and creativity to weave tiny threads into big dreams.   This is the place to go!   Thanks for everything PD!

I have received raving review from my partner on the great job you do. So I’d like to send my logos to you.

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