Advantages of using Vector Artwork Services

Computer graphics or images have 2 ways of representation: raster graphics and vector graphic. Compared to raster graphic i.e. bitmap images, vector graphic has many benefits. Raster images are based on pixels in which clarity is lost. Vector graphics have unique advantages, they are made up of lines and curves in terms of point that creates shapes. Vector graphics use SVG, EPS, CDR, and PDF format. Vector graphics allow translation, rotation, mirroring, and stretching. Vector graphics have an infinite resolution because it never loses its quality. In other words, they are “Resolution independent” and has infinite resolution. We can see the exact feature even if we enlarge its shape, line, and curve. Vector graphics are scalable; you can see objects in any size without compromising its quality, it can be zoomed in and out effortlessly. Vector graphics are in small file size. They only contain coordinates instead of complex information.

Vector Graphics are intuitively created and resemble drawing. They can easily create an object, duplicate it or change its place anywhere on the canvas. Using vector art has a number of benefits.

  • Vectors require less storage space compared to raster files. The file size is not a problem for designers, they are composed of flat colors and gradients. Whereas large file size can create issues to exchange or may take a longer time to upload or produce final design Vector graphics are flexible.
  • We can change size bigger or smaller without losing its quality.
  • The major benefit of vector graphics is that they don’t pixelate. They are based on mathematical nature and revolve around shapes, lines, and formulas.
  • Vector graphics create high quality illustrations that are ideally used for websites, gaming, company branding, or anything that can be printed and various other applications.
  • Vector graphics can be exported to any format. It can be exported to raster images but raster images cannot be reversed to vector graphics. Hence vector graphics are more efficient and versatile and ideal for detailed illustrations. Because of which the artwork appears sharp.

Business having their logo in vector files makes it easier to manipulate the files for web design to change its size in case of a website redesign. Vector graphics are affordable and expert designers save your time.

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